Why are you so affordable?

After being quoted an average of £2500 for a 1-3 video for our business we started Oculus Media to offer professional video to small businesses for a fraction of the cost. We are affordable because we run a small crew and are happy to do a job that we enjoy.


How do you put together a quote for a job?

When quoting for a job we try to stay as accurate to the websites guide price as possible. Some jobs can be less and some slightly more, it really all depends what is needed for your shoot and how technical the post production (editing) work is. Once we start the pre-production process we can work out exactly what is needed to achieve what you want and will put together a quote accordingly.  


What areas of the UK do you film?

We usually operate in the Essex area, we are based just outside of Chelmsford.

We are more than happy to discuss the possibility of travelling for a job although his may incur a small travel fee.


What should I expect on a shoot?

It's hard to say exactly what to expect on a shoot as it varies depending on what we are shooting. Although we usually operate a 2 person crew and are happy to be doing a job that we love, so the shoot can either be as professional or laid back as you like. It's nice to make it a bit of fun when possible, some love the idea of making the workplace a small film set for a day whereas others prefer for us to be out of the way where possible, it's your choice.


What is the turn around time for a video?

Usually we like to shoot, edit and get the video to you within a 1-2 weeks, although this time can vary depending on how busy we are with other shoots.


Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, we do have full public liability insurance, as well as individual specialist public liability insurance for our drone services.

Are there restrictions on where you can do aerial drone work?

Yes, unfortunately there are many. You must be CAA approved for commercial use of a drone. Once CAA approved you can not fly the drone within 50m of the public (30m for takeoff / landing), 150m of any organised open-air gathering of over 1000 people and not in at all in some areas of the country such as central London. Some exceptions apply. 

Do you have CAA Approval (PfCO) to commercially use your drone?

We are fully (PfCO) licenced to carry out commercial drone operations in the UK. This is a long and expensive process but we are very happy to say we comply with all CAA regulations and that our experienced drone pilot can create stunning Aerial videos for your business.


Where are you based?

We are based in Great Dunmow, just outside of Chelmsford in Essex, UK. 


How long would you need to be on site filming?

This really depends on what is required on the shoot. Usually, for a small business, we can wrap it all up within a few hours although this can sometimes be more. Lucky for you we charge by the job, unlike many that charge for the days.


Do you have professional equipment?

We have all the professional equipment necessary to produce quality video content for your business, even in Ultra HD 4K if necessary. We have everything from a whole range of portable studio lights, an Ultra HD 4K Camcorder along with a selection of B cams, sliders, jibs & dolly tracks. As well as the ability to film stunning aerial 4K using our drone.


Why can't I just do it myself?

You can... although video production usually involves expensive equipment and software, as well as time and practice. There are certain techniques you must learn for a quality production and we feel with our know-how, equipment and passion we can create fantastic video content even at our extremely low prices.



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